Jamon Devlog 3

Meaty Slash

    This week I did not have much time get  a lot of things done but I think I made some pretty good progress ( if I do say so myself ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hmmm ha hmmm ha ).  I finally got around to exporting my project to android and testing out the feel. It became clear to me really fast that the way I had things laid out wasn't going to work. 

    First of all the player would could not see their score and multiplier when it was located on the right side because that is where you are intended to place your hand when moving.  Haha looking back now - having it only controlled by the right side of the screen might alienate lefties - Anyways, I moved the un-important config button to the right where it is hard to see but easily accessible. I moved the score a bit to the left. Not so far that its in your face but far enough for you to see it clearly.  The things I deemed important enough to be visible at all times were the Multiplier(need to see the gains), Ability cooldown(white bar when on cd/red when ready) and the Ability Button itself. 

    Oh yeah ! I added Abilities :). All 3 characters have unique abilities that help them navigate the endless world of Jamon. KingRei(see attached gif) has his mighty slash that destroys jamones that are within range. The cooldowns for each ability vary from character to character depending on what I felt was balanced(subject to change). 

    Last but not least; I have discovered a game breaking bug and i cant seem to pin it down. The screen just randomly moves into oblivion sometimes and this is often reproduced while trying to screenshare/screenrecord on desktop(has not happend yet on mobile). I have a strong suspicion that it has something to do with my screenshake method and some floating point black magic. Definitely going to have to get on this pronto before release. 

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