Jamon! Devlog 1

The beginning.

    Its a simple game developed for the first( and hopefully not last) GameOff - Jambon Jam . I had planned to make a  small narrative based game with some branching stories,  but it became apparent about half way through the jam cycle that I was not going to be able to pull off my initial idea.  I did what i do most of the time in these sort of situations: I panicked. 

    Without the time in hand i had only one choice that could come to mind - give up! forget about the jam and move on. Normally I would see this as acceptable, but this time that was not a possibility. You see, I was one of only two people in the jam and I had already committed  myself to being a participant.  I did not want to leave my fellow jammer alone to fend for himself, or worse have no entries and have the jam be a complete failure. 

    I did the only thing I could think to do at a time like this. Make the simplest (and i do mean SIMPLEST haha) most unimaginative thing that can come to mind and meet the deadline. The first idea for this new innovative game(lol) was a flappy bird clone , seemed simple enough and so I decided to go with it. Not wanting to outdo myself I lowered the scope even further and decided to make it a Collecting game. With 20 hours left in the jam I had no time to create original assets , so I decided to open up my art folder full of open domain and original art(mostly from old or scrapped projects).  

    In the end I managed to meet the deadline and turn in Jamon! A game where the goal is to collect jams in the forest while you try to avoid those pesky video game trope slimes. It is a super simple game but It actually looked like a game. Maybe not next pc breakthrough experience, but definitely something that I could play while I poop. All it needed was some more variety, some flair and some leaderboards. 

    I decided that I will continue to work on the game and port it over to android. Slowly trying to adapt it to the mobile  platform with the mentioned features. 

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what the heck man you uploaded a jar file seriously 

yeah man - this is the early version of it - i have a current build on my pc with an exe. and apk version . Plan to upload later tonight :) You now what ill just upload it in a bit.