Kyperbelt Games

medieval comics duking it out against hecklers!
Card Game
Nude Ham Collecting Simulator.
Rpg with basic combat and Short story.
Role Playing
simple push puzzle in a castle setting
local multiplayer onepunch simulator
Play in browser
Came to eat chicken nuggets and kill zombies... and im all out of chicken nuggets.PEWPEW!
Malus is not the hero we deserve but he is the only one we have.
Role Playing
a test game where you dodge red guys and pick up purple circles! woohoo
Small rhythm game where you dance to defend your planet.
A physics based platformer in which you change your slime's color to interact with the environment differently.
Your super power is chaos. You create it. You control it. Within Chaos you thrive. #GDLJam
a game about ricky. Something is not quite right...
Space Exploration & Survival
A basic Power up space shooter with a cat/dog theme.

Games I've worked on.