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You are a man with extraordinary Chaos abilities. Some might even say that you are Super because of it. You Thirst for chaos... Your goal is to generate as much of it as you possibly can. Does this make you a bad guy? Probably, but all you care about is that sweet delicious Chaos.

This is a simple cookie clicker clone with a "super hero/villian" theme.

There is a desktop version and an android version but the apk does not currently have tooltips so it is very difficult to understand what is happening.

This game was made for GDL march madness jam

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Install instructions

For Desktop:

Download the runnable jar and then run it.(You must have the latest version of Java)

For Android

Download the apk and install it. You must allow installation from unknown sources. Currently this version does not contain tooltips so i would not recommend playing it as you can be lost with the lack of information.


SuperChaosMan.jar 9 MB
superchaosman.apk 5 MB

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