A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This is a simple shooter made using the codebase of once of my earlier projects which can be found here. It is basically a reskin with some added functionality made for the #RemakeJam.


  • Reach the end of each level without dying
  • Do not let enemies reach the bottom of the screen(you lose hp)
  • Collect powerups to make mowing down enemies seemless
  • Get a highscore



  • W to move left
  • D to move right
  • click button menus to select options


  • Touch the left and right indicators to move accordingly
  • Touch buttons to navigate through the menus

Install instructions

Requires java 1.6 or higher :)


ZombieShootout.exe 16 MB
Zombieshootout.jar 16 MB
Zombieshootout-android.apk 8 MB


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Cool daddy :D

cool game orirginal gfx

Thank you very much :)